Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Poca cosa

Lately, I've been with very few work, but however, there is always some assigment flying around. This last illustration was intendet for a very well known spanish beer brand.

The first one is just part of my last drawing book, I've been drawing these weird thing for more than a month, I got very tired at the end!!!!!!!!


An said...

poca cosa pero muy hermosa, siempre vale la pena esprar por tu trabajo:)

Kcirbuk said...

Holaaaa tiooo!!
Por fin postando!!
Poca cos... já!!!


Saludos tronco!!!


Kcirbuk said...

Bueenoo tio, sé que tienes más libretas con dibujacos tuyos!!

Saludos tronco!!

Tu colega Paco K.

E Hajibabaie said...

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E Hajibabaie said...
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E Hajibabaie said...